Crazy Stories

People say I have a crazy story. I will share it sometimes when the right moment happens. It can be on a bus during a field trip with my kids, flying on a plane sitting next to a stranger, or even talking on the phone.

The reaction is always the same. What a life you’ve had.

People who know me say I am the most cheerful person they have ever met.

I smile.

Because when they hear things like, my parents were murdered nearly 20 years apart, they are surprised.


I may have been through much in this life, but I can honestly say, God has carried me through the excruciating and painful memories and given me joy nursing me back to health every time I struggle.

There’s a lot more to my story. Times when I was young, when I fought, literally, to keep those I loved safe around me. Times when I was homeless as a child . Times when, for good reason, afraid of a stepfather or two.

Throughout the course of my story is one Golden Thread, however, Jesus Christ. He will always be a constant in my story and for that I am thankfully and cheerfully, His.

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Thank you.

With love,